Using Transform Numerically in canvas envision

Using Transform Numerically

Using Transform Numerically

When you turn on the Transform Numerically button, you can specify X, Y, Z distance values or rotation angle numerically for Explodes, Translate and Rotate transformation.

To Use Transform Numerically

  1. Click Transform Numerically from the Transform pane in the 3D Edit tab of the Ribbon.

When it is “ON”, it is highlighted in dark gray. Clicking this button toggle the state, either “ON” or “OFF”.

  1. Select any of the Explodes, Translate, or Rotate.

  2. Start dragging a part and release the mouse button. The appropriate dialog box is displayed.

  3. Set a value or values.

  4. Click OK.

Linear Explode

Spherical Explode

Cylindrical Explode




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