Release Notes

Release Notes

Release Notes: Version 5.4 (Current) 

We are excited to announce the release of Canvas Envision 5.4! This update includes several new features and improvements designed to enhance your experience. Below are the details of what's new in this version: 

New features:
  1. Send/Copy to Layer to easily send or copy objects to different layers, streamlining workflow and organization.
  2. Advanced Search Improvements to quickly find specific elements within your projects.
  3. Version History in Portal to track changes and access previous versions of your documents directly within the portal.
  4. Zoom to Mouse Position for improved navigation in the Creator application, with the ability to zoom in and out centered on the mouse position.
  5. Mouse Movement like MS Office to enhance user interface with mouse movement and interaction similar to Microsoft Office applications.
  6. WebM Video Format (MP4, MP3, WebM) for multimedia import support. 
  7. 3D Edit Arrows for improved callouts within 3D objects via new edit arrows, enhancing visualization and animation content. 
  8. 3D Appearance for enhanced visual quality and rendering of 3D objects for a more polished and professional look.
  9. 3D Label Improvements for look and feel of labeling in 3D .
  10. Animation Export to export animations seamlessly allowing for content to be easily shareable and viewable for external use.
  11. Additional Alignment Options for a simplified object alignment experience.
  12. 3D Simplification for Publish to simplify 3D models for publishing, optimizing performance and reducing file sizes.
  13. Create Custom Ribbons with Admin Account so that administrators can now create custom ribbons to allow for a more personalized and efficient workspace.
  14. Commenting and Tagging to collaborate more effectively with new commenting and tagging features enabling better communication and organization. 

Various performance improvements and bug fixes to enhance overall stability and user experience. 

Release 5.3 of Envision

Features added:
  1. Enhanced Document Management features to give you more powerful version control and help you drive new document workflows.
  2. Updated Markup & Review functionality, making it easier than ever for teams to collaborate – even remotely.
  3. Public Centers, which enable easy distribution of instructions created with Envision to anonymous viewers, such as consumers.
  4. Permanent Link Sharing, giving you an integrated way to easily manage redirects of instructions assigned to a URL or QR code, within the Envision application.
  5. Space Mouse support so your users can more easily create and manipulate 3D models when designing Envision documents.
Updated user terminology:
  1. Creator - this refers to anyone who uses the Creator app to author, edit, or review content. Previously they were called Users
  2. Consumer - this refers to any end user of instructional content on the platform. They will not have access to the Creator application. Previously they were called guests
  3. Teams - this refers to groups of users who work in the same centers, either as Creators or Consumers. An individual can be part of multiple teams. Previously they were called Groups

Release Notes for Envision 5.2                                                                                                               

Features added:
  • PDF Export: Users can now export documents to PDF format directly from the Envision platform.
  • 3D Model Update: Enhanced functionality for updating and editing 3D models within Envision documents.
  • 3D Vectorization: Introduction of 3D vectorization capabilities to enhance visualization of objects.
  • Version History for New Documentation: Users can now track version history for new documents created in Envision.
  • CGM Import and Export: Added support for importing and exporting CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile) files.
  • Naming of Objects: Improved organization with the ability to name objects within Envision documents.
  • Shortcut List in 2D Help Tab and 3D View Tab: Added shortcut list functionality to access HTML pages in both 2D and 3D views.
  • Smart Join: Selected open paths will be automatically joined when the end of each path is within a set distance of the end of another path.
  • Size and Position of an Object: Implemented "Transformed (Virtual)" and "Non-transformed" radio buttons to switch between data values for object size and position.

Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved issue with 3D Animation timeline resizing

Release Notes for Envision 5.1

Canvas Envision Web Based Platform was designed to create interactive visual model based work 

We are thrilled to announce an exciting transition in our Canvas Envision journey. Moving from our desktop version to the more OS agnostic web-based version, R5 represents a significant milestone in the creation and consumption of digital work instructions. This transition is not only about changing platforms, but rather our commitment to redesigning what the term work instructions truly mean. For our customers, this means enhanced accessibility, convenience and efficiency by allowing access to users anywhere from any device. Gone are the days are papers and binders, Canvas Envision R5 marks the beginning of an era, the new standard for digital work instruction. 

Join us as we begin our Canvas Envision R5 journey! Here are some of the incredible new features that are coming to the platform: 

Highlight Features: 
  • Web Browser-Based Creator Application 
  • Digitization of Static PDF Files 
  • Template Management with Master Page Control 
  • Extensive 2D File Format Support 
  • Graphical Drawing Tools 
  • Smart Pixel Editing and Rendering Tools 
  • Object Labeling/Ballooning Tools 
  • Table Formatting 
  • One-Click Actionable Prompts 
  • Support for Over 20 CAD File Formats 
  • Various 3D Transformation Features 
  • 3D Animations 
  • Cutting Planes, Pivot Points 
  • Projected 3D Views 
  • Documentation Versioning and User Privileges Control 
  • Browser-Agnostic Consumption Experience 

R4 (Version 2301 Build: 1004)

  1. The Align controls are added in the Text contextual tab of the Ribbon.
  2. The Paste_Text command is added in the context menu of the Text edit mode.
  3. 3D animations will be played with the transparent background in the Presentation mode.
  4. 3D models in the 3D Model Play mode will retain the transparent background in the Presentation mode.
  5. 3D libraries are updated.
Bug fixes: 
  1. Fixed bug that text selection highlight disappeared when a modifier key such as Ctrl or Shift was pressed.
  2. Fixed bug that the Font and Font size last set in the Tool Defaults pane were lost when a new instance of Envision was opened.
  3. Fixed bug that the application crashed when opening EVDOCs in which a CMYK image was inserted.
  4. Fixed bug that a Layer action stopped working after clicking on it when the page setup already matched that layer action.
  5. Fixed bug that some objects like Multigons did not get rendered correctly on cloud when the focus was on an invisible layer at the time of saving to the cloud.
  6. Fixed bug that some Before or After Paragraph line spacing was not properly loaded when the document is reopened.
  7. Fixed bug that when applying any of the Adjustments or Filters to a selected image, the Image contextual menu switched to the Pixel Imaging contextual menu.
  8. Fixed bug that "Normal" was always marked in the Character Spacing drop-down menu even when applying the kerning other than "Normal" to a part of texts.
  9. Fixed bug that Trim on images did not work properly for some cases.
  10. Fixed bug that typing a new Resolution value in the Resolution dialog box and pressing the Enter key did not apply the new value to the selected image.
  11. Fixed bug that values over 90 in Multigon's "Pinwheel angle" edit box was reset to 90 when clicking the Up spin arrow of the edit box.
  12. Fixed bug that it was hard to select Area or Perimeter objects created by Auto Dimensioning
  13. Fixed bug that incorrect outline weights were displayed when selecting an object in Composite objects.
  14. Fixed bug that in the Presentation mode, clicking an object with Action behind a 3D Model put the 3D Model in the play mode instead of performing the action.
  15. Fixed bug that 3D animations with opacity did not play smoothly in the Presentation mode.
  16. Fixed bug that flipped 3D Models were not properly rendered on pages when the 3D Marks were set "Show".
  17. Fixed bug that some Creo assemblies failed to open or opened with some missing parts.
Known issue: 
  1. The Font and Font Size fields are removed from the Custom Blank Settings dialog box.

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