Limitations on Playing 3D Animation on Cloud

Limitations on Playing 3D Animation on Cloud

Current Limitations on Playing 3D Animation on Cloud

There are some known limitations on playing 3D Animation on Cloud:

  1.    Color changes from "Undefined" may not be properly played.
  1.     Flash on parts of "Undefined" color may not be properly played.
  1.     Cutting Planes themselves will be always hidden.
  1.     Cutting Planes effect may flicker in some cases.
  1.      Opacity effect may look different in some cases.
  1.     Weight, dash, some arrowheads, opacity and color change, "Smooth" line of Animation Paths are not supported.
  1.     Weight, dash, some arrowheads, opacity change of Offset Lines are not supported.
  1.     Animation Paths and Offset Lines will be always drawn on top.
  1.     PMI will be always either shown or hidden throughout an animation.
  2.     PMI color may be different.

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