Exporting Animation

Exporting Animation

Exporting Animation

You can save created animations as *.mp4.

To Export Animation

1.       Create an animation.

2.       Click Export Animation at the Toolbar in the Animation Timeline pane.

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3.       Navigate to the folder where you want to save the file in the Save Video dialog box.

4.       Type a name for the video file.

5.       Click Save .

6.       Set the options in the Animation Export Options dialog box as needed.

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7.       Click OK .

Animation Export Options



Window Size

Select one from the following:

·         YouTube (1120x630)

·         HD (1280x720)

·         HD (1280x962)

·         Full HD (1920x1080) – default

·         Full HD (1920x1440)

·         4K (3840x2160)

·         4K (3840x2880) – maximum size

·         Custom size

The larger the window size is, the bigger the file size becomes.

Width and Height

When Custom size is selected from the Windows Size drop-down list, these edit boxes get enabled. Type values there.

Animation Range

Select one from the following:

·         All Frames – default

·         Selected Frame s – when there is a selection in the Animation Timeline pane, it gets enabled.

·         Time – you can specify the Start and End time.

Animation speed

Set the Frames Per Second (FPS) between 10 and 60. It is set to 30 by default. The higher the FPS is, the smoother the animation looks. However, the file size increases.

Anti-alias quality

Select one form the following:

·         Off – default

·         Low

·         Medium

·         High

Open file after save

When the animation is exported as *.mp4, the animation is loaded to the default video player of your machine.


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You can also export the selected 3D Animation object as a video by clicking Export as Video from the Animation panel in the 3D Animation contextual tab of the Ribbon.

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